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How to protect your system from freezing!

If you have an underground backflow (double check) which has been installed correctly you should be ok durring a freeze here in Texas. Our freeze depth here in Texas is 6in. This is why the state mandates a 6in depth on all pipes installed. If you have an ABOVE GROUND backflow device (reduced pressure principal), (pressure vaccum breaker) you will want to turn off the shut off valve prior to the backflow device. Wrap a blanket or other insulating material to keep unit from freezing. I DO NOT¬†recommend turning off the shut off valves on the unit itself being that I’ve seen numerous devices collect water within the ball valves and freeze. If this happens you might have a big problem and may have to replace the entire unit. If you have a drain valve installed on the low end of the main line this is the time to drain it. If your system doesn’t have a drain it should be ok if pipe’s are installed at the right depth. If you have any other questions about your system feel free to give myself (Eric) a call at 830-660-9479 and I would be happy to answer your questions! Good luck and stay green.

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