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Water Savings Tips and Methods

Why go through all the trouble and money in getting a professional sprinkler system and still have dry spots or better yet spend more money than you have to on water your just wasting?
Rotery Sprinkler Head

How to estimate run time on each zone?

We are not saying your getting ripped off with your current sprinkler/sprinkler repair company but are you sure they are setting the controller to the proper watering times? Here is some helpful info to you home owners who have taken the time to read this.

Evapotransporation also known as ET is evaporation and plant transpiration from the Earth’s land surface to atmosphere. If you would like to see what the current ET is you can go to http://texaset.tamu.edu/ .
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Recently Finished Landscape Project

This is a job we’ve done in December. Tired retention walls were built after soil was put in to level the multi-level slope. The owner was quite happy with the ending result.

Solutions to some problems you might have!

Here we had two problems we fixed with one drain. The customer here had an issue with run off from a shed as well as a water softener which would run a rinse cycle for one hour. The solution to this problem was simple. We installed a drain (pipe, rock, felt, and soil) we used a perferated pipe which was sloped away from pooling area and also connected the softener to the drain to prevent grass spoilage. Drain works like a charm and now grass can grow without spotting!

Here is a link to help you further understand your landscape!

I hope this link helps those of you interested in expanding your green thumb knowledge!

Great Fall Specials

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