A Plus Sprinkers and Landscape

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Save water!

Here is a product you might be interested in if saving money and water sounds good. Give your grass roots a little protection against the summer heat. It’s called AQUATAIN. This product can help your grass hold moisture in longer! This means you can run your sprinkler system less. The product was introduced to me by a master gardener. It is not cheap but it can save your watering by almost 50%. Hope this helps your water conservation plans.

Give Your Lawn A Break!

Are you wondering why there is so much water on the street or puddles in the yard after you have run the sprinkler system? There might be an easy solution! Try watering in multiple start times instead of watering all at once. This may solve your problems if you have a very clay based soil. If that doesn’t fix the problem you might want to run the system and check the spray patterns. Some sprinkler heads after time will turn and face the wrong direction. If you would like we would love to come out and perform a system check, direct your sprays/rotors accordigly, set your controller and give some helpful tips on water conservation. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and enjoy your lawn!

Water Rationing Is Back In Effect!

At these struggling times in the economy don’t make an honest mistake and get caught watering on a day you shouldn’t. If your having trouble with your sprinkler controller and your valves/spray heads are going off at random times give us a call and we can troubleshoot your system.
For those of you water lovers like myself, take a look at this site and see who really owns the water beneath our feet! http://www.texastribune.org/texas-environmental-news/water-supply/