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A + Sprinklers & Landscape offers- sprinkler system repairs, sprinkler valve replacement, Rainbird sprinkler repairs, Hunter sprinkler repairs, sprinkler controller diagnosis and sprinkler system checks.

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Sprinkler Repairs in Austin

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Sprinkler Problems?

We have been burning up this summer but it is paying off! With the hottest summer ever recorded so far here in Texas your lawn doesn’t stand much of a chance without a fine tuned sprinkler system. Here at A+ Sprinklers we treat your yard like one of our own. Our job is to make sure you are aware of your problems, fix in a timely professional manner and make sure you feel confident that the services received are the best money can buy!

Sprinkler Repairs Made Easy!

Dry spots? Lack of coverage? Leaks? Broken sprinklers? No problem!!! With one call to A + Sprinklers & Landscape we can take care of your sprinkler repairs and save you $25 on your first visit every year! Serving Austin, Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, New Braunfels and surrounding counties. Call 512-588-2362 to schedule an appointment today.

Sprinkler System Owners

Now is the time to check your sprinkler system controller. Make sure your sprinkler system controller is running on the watering days your allowed by your city or water department. Check your controller and make sure your 9v battery is still good. If you have a power outage for a period of time your clock and runtimes could reset and you might get a fine from your city or water provider.

The Heat is on!

Now is the time to check your controller run times! If you would like some help give us a call and we would be happy to walk you through or schedule a time when we can set the controller based on your sprinklers precipitation rates.

Austin Sprinkler Repairs

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Save water!

Here is a product you might be interested in if saving money and water sounds good. Give your grass roots a little protection against the summer heat. It’s called AQUATAIN. This product can help your grass hold moisture in longer! This means you can run your sprinkler system less. The product was introduced to me by a master gardener. It is not cheap but it can save your watering by almost 50%. Hope this helps your water conservation plans.

Give Your Lawn A Break!

Are you wondering why there is so much water on the street or puddles in the yard after you have run the sprinkler system? There might be an easy solution! Try watering in multiple start times instead of watering all at once. This may solve your problems if you have a very clay based soil. If that doesn’t fix the problem you might want to run the system and check the spray patterns. Some sprinkler heads after time will turn and face the wrong direction. If you would like we would love to come out and perform a system check, direct your sprays/rotors accordigly, set your controller and give some helpful tips on water conservation. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and enjoy your lawn!

Water Rationing Is Back In Effect!

At these struggling times in the economy don’t make an honest mistake and get caught watering on a day you shouldn’t. If your having trouble with your sprinkler controller and your valves/spray heads are going off at random times give us a call and we can troubleshoot your system.
For those of you water lovers like myself, take a look at this site and see who really owns the water beneath our feet! http://www.texastribune.org/texas-environmental-news/water-supply/

One Leak Can Lead to Another!

This week we have experienced a not so bizzar scene. When arriving to this address we spoke with the homeowner about running a sprinkler system check. So we turned on the mainline which has been off for about 5-10yrs (lol) and found water gushing out of the ground. We repaired the sprinkler pipe leak and once again turned on the mainline. Sure enough another leak down stream. This went on for all four zones. Once we fixed one leak another downstream would pop-up. I would like you to know that when you fix a pipe/leak the line will pressurise and find the next weekest link, if any. So when you think you might only have one leak call a professional and let us fix your weakest link!