A+ sprinklers and Landscape

Who We Are

As someone who started landscaping and irrigation at the age of 19, it was only natural for Eric to start his own company eventually. It was in October 2009 that A+ Sprinklers and Landscape was established. Eric now has a crew of professional technicians and skilled landscapers to help him take care of all their clients’ sprinkler-related problems.

Our Pledge

At A+ Sprinklers and Landscape, we’re passionate about helping you, your community, and the environment. That’s why our team offers a variety of cost-effective maintenance packages for your home’s sprinkler system. We allow you to enjoy a reliable, hassle-free sprinkler system all year round. Count on us to give your sprinkler system the attention it deserves.

A+ sprinklers and Landscape
A+ sprinklers and Landscape

Why Us

We believe our work to be our brand. Our goal is to be known as the best landscape and sprinkler repair team in Austin, TX. We pride ourselves on doing our work efficiently and honestly, and maintaining healthy communications with all our clients.